KIWA Chemical Industry Co., Ltd

privacy policy

Kiwa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. recognizes that the appropriate handling and protection of personal information (names, addresses, telephone numbers, affiliated group names, email addresses, etc., are considered information that can be used to identify individual customers, and are hereby referred to as "personal information") obtained through this website is an important social responsibility as a business, and will comply with personal information protection laws (Personal Information Protection Law) and other relevant laws and regulations, taking adequate precautions as detailed below in the handling of personal information in our efforts to protect the personal information of customers.

1. Use of personal information

When customer information is provided, we will notify the customer regarding the purpose of use, only using personal information within the agreed upon scope. Personal information provided by the customer will not be used for any other purpose.

2. Personal information management and safe management measures

Information security and other measures to prevent unauthorized access are taken in order to prevent loss, damage, falsification, or leaking of the customer's personal information and to properly and safely manage said information.

3. Provision of personal information to third parties

Except in cases where the prior consent of the customer is obtained, or when allowed by law, customers' personal information will not be provided to third parties.

4.Disclosing, Correcting, Diluting and Discontinuing Use of Personal Information.

If Kiwa receives a request from you to disclose, correct, diluting or discontinuing the use of personal information retained in the Web Site, Kiwa takes necessary and appropriate action in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations upon conforming the individuals. Kiwa takes best effort to settle or cope with inquiry or complaints from you in good faith.

5. Revisions to this policy

This policy may be revised to accommodate changes to laws and guidelines.