KIWA Chemical Industry Co., Ltd

About us


Our company is a local industry steeped in the tradition of Wakayama. Together with the development of the dye industry we have engaged in research and development, striving to improve quality since our founding, enjoying patronage from a wide range of industries.

Based on our motto of 'moral education, creation, and service', it is our wish to provide a service to society through our business.

It is our desire to work together as a team to provide high-quality, low-cost products to meet the diversifying needs of our customers.

We look forward to enjoying your further support in our future endeavors.

president President and Representative Director : Shunji Maekawa

Company information

Name Kiwa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Established December 29, 1954
Capital 20 million yen
Head Office
33, Minami-Tanabe-Cho, Wakayama City
(Main line) Phone +81 73-423-3211
FAX    +81 73-425-9338
(General Affairs Division) Phone +81 73-423-3212
 and Information Systems)
Phone +81 73-423-3213
(Dyestuff Division) Phone +81 73-423-3214
(Film Division) Phone +81 73-423-3215
Omatsu Factory 6-24, Omatsu-cho, Wakayama City
 Phone +81 73-426-5623 / FAX +81 73-424-4311
Omatsu Research
Development Center
6-15-4, Omatsu-cho, Wakayama City
 Phone +81 73-435-1722 / FAX +81 73-435-1723
Kishigawa Factory 196-1, Kishigawa-cho Kita, Kinokawa City, Wakayama
 Phone +81 736-64-2132 / FAX +81 736-64-3856
Kishigawa Research
Development Center
186, Kishigawa-cho Kita, Kinokawa City, Wakayama
 Phone +81 736-64-4010 / FAX +81 736-64-4088

Executive information

Position Name
Representative Director
Shunji Maekawa
Managing Director Masanori Furuta
Kazushige Shoji
(Dyestuff Division - General Manager)
Director Yoshinori Takimoto
Tatsuzo Tsuno
(Dyestuff Division - Sales Department Manager)
Ippei Maekawa
(Film Division - General Manager -
R&D Technical DepartmentManager)

Main banks

Kiyo Bank
Shoko Chukin Bank
Resona Bank


Number of employees 165
Business information Dyestuff Division Dyes and pigments
Ink production and sales
Film Division Reflective sheeting
Functional film manufacturing and sales
Certifications Film Division ISO9001 JQA-1717

Main countries of business

South Korea Taiwan China Hong Kong
Thailand Philippines Malaysia
Singapore Indonesia India
Vietnam Australia New Zealand

Spain Portugal France United Kingdom
Italy Germany Netherlands Sweden
Finland Poland Greece

United States Canada Brazil Colombia
South Africa


1954  Kiwa Chemical established. Head office, factory, and laboratory established at 28, Shingyo-machi, Wakayama City.
 Rapidogen dyes and pigment resin color created.
1957  Head office moved to 6, Omatsu-cho, Wakayama City to enhance and streamline production.
1963  New factory established at 4-4-2, Uzu, Wakayama City.
1966  Successfully developed a disperse dye for polyester fiber.
1968  Development of retro-reflective sheeting succeeds and a new factory is established at 969, Nakanoshima, Wakayama City.
1972  A new reflective sheeting factory is established at 196-1, Kishigawa-cho Kita, Kinokawa City.
1978  JISZ9117 standard obtained for reflective sheeting and tape.
1979  High-end naphthol dye production begins.
1982  Development of reactive dye for dyeing fiber succeeds.
1988  Head office building completed at 33, Minami-Tanabe-Cho, Wakayama City.
1993  Construction on the second building for energy-saving and to house the dust-prevention production line (no. 3)
 at the Kishigawa Factory is completed.
1994  Waste water treatment facilities are installed and begin operation in line with the decolorization regulations.
1996  Spray dryer and automatic powder measuring and filling equipment are introduced at the Omatsu Factory.
1997  The Film Division obtains ISO9002-JQA1717.
1998  Automated packing equipment and automated, unmanned transportation equipment are installed at the
 Kishigawa Factory. Additional laminating and casting equipment are installed at the factory.
2002  Development succeeds on various film types for digital image printing and various ink types for inkjet printing.
2003  The Film Division Kishigawa Research and Development Center is completed. ISO certification number changed to
2004  The Dyestuff Division Omatsu Research and Development Center is completed.
2007  Osaka Customs certifies the Kishigawa Factory as a bonded factory.
2007  The third building at the Kishigawa Factory housing multipurpose coating equipment and a clean room is completed.
2017  Awarded the excellent company prise of the 2016 Good Company Grand Prize - Outstanding Company Award from the
 Medium and Small Business Research Institute.

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