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Dyestuff Division
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Total color Creator
  • Total Color Creator
    We bring a splash of color into your life.
    Colors are used in so many ways in our daily lives.
    It is the mission of the Dyestuff Division at Kiwa Chemical Industry
    to dynamically create such color.
  • Colorant business
    dyes and pigments
    Our colorant business, featuring dyes and pigments that have
    gained a good reputation with a long track record, is built on
    uncompromising quality management and offering products at value prices.
    offer a lineup of products that can be used in any application.
  • Digital ink business
    The KIWA-JET series of digital ink boasts superb color intelligence,
    meeting customer needs with a variety of special colors.

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Head Office / Dyestuff Division
33, Minami-Tanabe-Cho, Wakayama City, 6408254
Phone +81 73-423-3214

Omatsu Factory
6-24, Omatsu-cho , Wakayama City, Wakayama, 6408124
Phone +81 736-64-2132

Omatsu Research and Development Center
6-15-4, Omatsu-cho , Wakayama City, Wakayama, 6408124
Phone +81 73-435-1722

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